What we do:

At AC&P we love customers who need cost effective, short run manufacturing, with quick turns for their specialty corrugated packaging.

​We'll get it done the fastest, and the most reliable, and we have the most conscientious support staff to assist you in continuously getting it done right the first time, every time.

We fill a niche that the big box companies don't want.


RSC's  - Regular Slotted Containers                         MULTI-DEPTH Boxes                           PADS                                        SPECIALTY Boxes
FOL's   - Full Overlaps                                               BULK Boxes                                         PARTITIONS                            Stock Boxes
5PF's   - Five Panel Folders                                       MAILERS                                              INSERTS                                  PRINTED Boxes
OPF's  - One Piece Folders                                       TUBES                                                  TELESCOPING                        JUMBO Flutes
ScSh's - Scored Sheets                                             TRAYS                                                  BUILD UPS                              HEAVY DUTY