At AC&P We have:
- the fastest set up box converting equipment which transfers into rapid order turns.
- a centrally located facility in the Twin Cities for quick and economical deliveries.
- Jumbo equipment to make HUGE boxes.
- Assembled corrugated partitions & build ups.
- on the spot pricing.
- specialty printing capabilities.
- in house design development.
​- the ability to run many style boxes without the extra cost of tooling.
- The largest One Piece Mailers

Interested in learning more?

RSC's  - Regular Slotted Containers                         MULTI-DEPTH Boxes                           PADS                                        SPECIALTY Boxes
FOL's   - Full Overlaps                                               BULK Boxes                                         PARTITIONS                            Stock Boxes
5PF's   - Five Panel Folders                                       MAILERS                                              INSERTS                                  PRINTED Boxes
OPF's  - One Piece Folders                                       TUBES                                                  TELESCOPING                        JUMBO Flutes
ScSh's - Scored Sheets                                             TRAYS                                                  BUILD UPS                              HEAVY DUTY